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FSU Student Pubs

Student Publications, or Student Pubs for short, is an affiliated project of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Florida State University (FSU). It is housed in the Department of Student Governance & Advocacy (SG&A) under the Division of Student Affairs. By student statute, Student Pubs is tasked with providing free color printing, graphic design, and event photography for SGA, SG&A, campus partners, and recognized student organizations at FSU. In the 2018-19 academic year, it fulfilled 345 design requests, 85 event photography requests, and printed 158,244 prints for over 98 student organizations. It also published over 10 student publications and guidebooks, and won two Student Employee awards.

I served as the creative director and manager for Student Publications for 15 months. During that time, I was responsible for developing a vibrant student brand by crafting Student Pubs' first content and marketing strategy, establishing a visual identity, developing engaging brand assets, and creatively mentoring and training student staff. I created a brand manual, added 32+ pages to the Student Pubs Guide (the employee handbook), and designed and developed a robust collection of publications and brand collateral.


Creative Direction

Brand Identity

Brand Management

Publication Design