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Culture Caleidoscoop

Culture Caleidoscoop is an online, open-access journal for the culture and heritage sectors. Based in the Netherlands, the Culture Caleidoscoop team wanted to build a brand identity and website that would be clean and professional with enough personality to appeal to a highly educated, inter-generational European audience. They also wanted to prioritize accessibility, sustainability, and inclusive diversity as much as possible.

I crafted a brand identity and website that would be easy to read and navigate as it spotlights their content. I also calibrated their color palette to be accessible to visually impaired and have a low-energy footprint on digital displays. We also prioritized building their website with sustainable web development practices.

Once their visual identity was complete, we developed several digital assets for their social media accounts and launch campaign, as well as a poster of the manifesto.


Brand Identity

Web Design + Build

Brand Collateral